When purchasing deck fasteners, it pays to know exactly how they work. You can view our Installation Guide OR our installation videos will walk you through the process of using our products so you can know with 100% certainty that they don’t just get the job done, they get it done well. You’ll see that speed and ease-of-use aren’t just random buzz words to us. They are a promise we make to every builder out there of a shorter, less frustrating day on the job. Start watching to see exactly what we mean.

It might seem too good to be true, but TurboClip Universal Hidden Deck Clips really are that easy to use. Watch this video to see for yourself.

In addition to our Universal Hidden Deck Clips, we sell Starter Clips, stainless steel fasteners that are perfect for installing the first deck board on the open end of your deck.

Turboclip is a game-changer for DIYers! 🛠️ Say goodbye to deck-building stress!

Turboclip hidden fasteners are the BEST! They save me so much time and make me more money with their easy installation.

Building a Composite Deck Part 3: DIY Tyler installs a picture frame accent around a deck and then uses TurboClip Starter Clips and Hidden Fasteners to install the deck boards.

How to NOT Build a Deck: DIY Tyler shares helpful warnings and tips; what to keep your eyes out for when using a contractor, and some of the things you'll want to avoid when building a new composite deck.

TurboClip is the ultimate solution for anyone looking to enhance their outdoor decking experience. Our innovative clips make installation a breeze, ensuring a secure and polished finished look for your deck.

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