If you have never used hidden deck clips before, you probably aren’t familiar with how they work or how to install them. But while they aren’t as commonplace as typical nails and screws, they are actually incredibly simple to use and can help you create a seamless, blemish-free deck. Let’s take a look at just how exactly hidden deck clips work.

Step 1: Insert the Hidden Deck Clip into the board groove.

When using normal screws to secure your deck boards to your deck frame, you align the screws with the frame underneath and drill the screw through the board and into the frame to secure it. However, hidden deck clips contain two outward edges that are built to fit perfectly between the grooves of your composite decking board. So, to begin, you will insert the edge of your decking clip into the groove of the deck board and make sure it is secure. Load up the entire board before moving on if you want to move quickly.

Step 2: Secure the next board.

To continue the process, you will want to place your next board down and secure it to the hidden deck clips you have already placed. You’ll want to make sure each deck clip is installed perpendicularly to the deck boards to avoid any misalignment. There is no need to use spacers to ensure your boards have a little room to breathe, most hidden deck clips come with a spacing size and will automatically create space between each decking board.

Step 3: Drive your screws into the deck frame.

Now that your clip is securely attached to both deck boards, you will place a screw within your decking clip and drive into your deck frame. If you are using TurboClip Fasteners, this step becomes much quicker because TurboClip Universal Hidden Deck Fasteners actually come with preloaded screws. This means you don’t have to reach back into your box of screws and load a new screw into your deck clip with every board.

And you’re done!

It is really as simple as that. Hidden deck clips really aren’t all that confusing. Instead of securing each board with a screw or nail, you attach a clip to each board and then secure the clip to your deck frame. This gives you a deck that appears free of screw and nail heads. 

If you’re interested in using Universal Hidden Deck Fasteners for your project, you can head over to our “Where to Buy” page now to find a retailer near you. They are fast, easy, and affordable for all types of decking projects!