Hidden deck clips make decks look fantastic. They are completely out of sight so all you and your guests see is the smooth, seamless surface of your deck. They also eliminate the dangers of a nail or screw becoming exposed over time and causing an injury. Overall, they are a fantastic option for many composite deck builders. But did you know that hidden deck clips aren’t the only type of fasteners you will need to build a blemish-free deck? You’ll want to use starter clips as well to make sure every inch of your deck is completely free of flaw.

What are Starter Clips?

As the name implies, starter clips are a type of deck clip used to install the first composite deck board on the open end of your deck. They can also be used to picture frame your composite deck, to create an overhang, or to secure steps. At TurboClip, our Starter Clips are made from stainless steel making them low maintenance, corrosion-resistant, and attractive (not that they will be seen).

How do I install TurboClip Starter Clips?

The process of installing starter clips is incredibly easy. First, you will want to position each starter clip to align with the edge of the deck frame and the joist. Then you will place your screw in the hole of the deck clip and secure it to the frame. Continue across the length of the deck using six starter clips for every 16 feet of composite deck board. Once all of your clips are aligned and secured properly, push your first deck board into the clips until it is fully secure. From there, you can install the remaining boards using TurboClip Universal Hidden Deck Clips. 

Do I need to use Starter Clips?

You do not need to use starter clips, but the alternative is to use standard screws which will create obvious blemishes on your deck boards. If you plan on using hidden deck fasteners for the rest of your deck, then we definitely recommend you use starter clips to maintain the smooth look and texture. Not using starter clips in this case would somewhat defeat the purpose of using hidden deck clips for the rest of your project. If you plan on using hidden deck clips, TurboClip Starter Clips can be used with all leading grooved, capped composite decking products, including Armadillo, Trex, TimberTech, Fiberon, and similar products — so they are ideal for any project!

Where can I buy TurboClip Starter Clips?

If you are ready to begin your composite deck project and want to purchase Turboclip Starter Clips, you can head over to our Where to Buy page to see where they are offered in your area!